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As a Mum (and Dad) are your deepest fears:

  • worry you do not give them enough time or love?
  • worry they want to spend more time with others?
  • regret your mistakes with your kids?
  • that you will stuff it up?
  • having your children hate you for something you’ve done wrong?
  • that your children will get hurt or be left out?
  • want to protect them from everything?
  • that they will miss out?
  • want to keep your kids close, keep them safe?
  • fear they are going to die?
  • afraid they may offend someone?
  • embarrass you with their poor behaviour?
  • will they forgive you for your mistakes?

Are you deepest aspirations for your children:

  • be everything you weren’t when you were a child
  • want them to be confident
  • to be really happy
  • believe in themselves
  • loved and accepted for who they are
  • have self esteem, self worth, believe they are beautiful
  • do whatever they want to do
  • want them to be friends with you when they are adults
  • genuinely happy with what they do
  • find a life purpose
  • honest with themselves
  • kind to themselves and others
  • comfortable
  • compassionate and empathetic
  • empowered adults
  • thrive!

If any of this fits for you, I can help you.

Parenting is the greatest self development journey. It is all about letting go and learning more about yourself than you ever imagined! A parent said to me recently “I was patient until I had kids!”. Is that familiar to you? I help parents move from surviving to thriving as parents, teaching you how to empower your children to thrive in a rapidly changing world. How? Emotional intelligence is the key!! Our emotions are a vital part of our daily life but we often do not know much about them and how to deal with them.

What to do now:

  1. Firstly, sign up to my weekly parenting tips. I will send them to your inbox each week to help you focus on great parenting. Click here to register.
  2. Secondly, review which group program is revelant to you. What is your level of investment? Are you wanting to connect with like-minded parents? If so, Tuning in to Kids™ parenting program is for you. Register your interest and I will send you details of how you can participate.
  3. Thirdly, consider working with me privately one-on-one via phone, Zoom or face-to-face to work through any areas of improvement that you want to develop.

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