Emotions Coaching

Our success in life is determined not just by our IQ, but also by our emotional intelligence.

Harmonising our head and heart is one of the great challenges for each human being on the planet. To do this, we must acknowledge our emotions and understand exactly what it means to use these emotions intelligently.

But stepping back from your emotional past is often easier said than done.

That’s why many people seek the help of an objective outsider who can help you gain and maintain a balance between emotional expression and suppression.

In Emotional Intelligence, psychologist Daniel Goleman explains that “the design of the brain means that we very often have little or no control over when we are swept by emotion, nor over what emotion it will be. But we can have some say in how long an emotion will last.”

Emotions coaching focuses on both your thoughts and feelings to help you make sense of what is happening to you, what meaning the emotions have for you, and what you need to do.

It helps you become more aware of what is going on within you, to put the feelings and thoughts into words, to make sense of them and work out what the emotion is guiding you to do.

As your coach, I can help you work out which emotions are healthy and can be trusted and followed, and which are unhealthy and unhelpful and need to be transformed into healthy emotions.

Working with me you will learn how to motivate yourself and persist in the face of frustration, to understand your impulses, to regulate your moods and to help you gain emotional mastery.

“The only difference between an emotion and its corresponding wisdom is the presence or absence of awareness.” – Lama Gendum

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