Empowered Parent – Reconnecting Within 1 day workshop

1 day Training on how to reconnect within your heart so you can connect with kids and partner more deeply.

8th September

10am – 4pm, Altona Meadows, Melbourne

Have you noticed yourself being frustrated at your kids when they push your buttons?

Do you feel that your children are disengaging from you?

Have you felt a little isolated and disconnected at times from yourself and the world?

Find yourself driving your car and not remembering how you got to the destination?

Would you like to have more family fun?

Join us for 1 day Workshop to learn to be more present with yourself and in turn be able to be more present with your partner and kids. This is the opportunity for you! Life is so busy that we can often feel a little frazzled, frustrated and snappy at those we love most. We can forget to take the time to be still, connect within ourselves and get some focus on what is important to us.Come along and explore a fun, interactive day, learning how to dive deeper within ourselves and connect with our purpose. Our emotions are a big part of our life and deserve some time and attention! We will explore our emotional world using emotional intelligence techniques to understand more deeply our motivations and what drives our daily actions and decisions.

 On the day we will be exploring:

  • How to be the best version of yourself for your partner and your children
  • Define your clarity and purpose in your parenting role
  • Feel more connected, present and energised to manage your anxiety and overwhelm
  • Be able to access your inner calm more frequently
  • Raising confident, resilient kids who thrive in this ever-changing world
  • Learn to live from your heart with more awareness around your emotional world
  • Learn my top 5 self care tips
  • Connect with other parents
  • Empowered to make changes that need to happen
  • A pathway forward to enhance your new skills

Fees: $169 for attendance, morning tea and lunch provided. Bring a friend for $3.

$169 NOW $69 for one participant or 2 participants for $72

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