Group Breathwork Options with Anne

Anne offers Group Breathwork experience online and in person in Melbourne.

If you would like to experience Breathwork with others and see if it is for you. Here are some of the options.

Breathe with Anne – LIVE ONLINE Midweek breathing meditation

Anne offers a midweek LIVE ONLINE breathe session at 12pm Wednesdays through school terms. Take 10 minutes to breathe and consciously connect within to recharge you and the rest of the week.

Join me LIVE ONLINE to connect within and reinvigorate your day.
Stop that midweek slump and join from the comfort of your work chair, from home or in the office.

Take some deep breaths and commit to yourself a little time with Anne to feel into yourself, your day and your experience in the moment.
Recreate some momentum for the second half of the week!

You can have your webcam on or off, just have your headphones on and just listen in to Anne guiding you into your breath for a conscious break in your week.

Why join us?

Mum of 2, Melbourne says “Loved today. Exactly what I needed. I now have clarity on 3 things I now need to do today. “

Mum of 2, Brisbane says “Thanks for the lovely calming meditation today. Feels great to connect back to myself and re-centre.”

Do you need a refresh and some clarity in the middle of the week? Join us.

Join us weekly from May 4th, 12pm AEST

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Midweek breathing meditation Casual pass

Midweek breathing meditation multi-pass

Monthly Meet2Breathe Australia Online with Anne

Join for 75 minutes from the comfort of your own home LIVE ONLINE every third Tuesday of the month for some movement, breathing, integration and meditation to connect with your inner being and shift your energy.

Take an evening to explore yourself and let Anne guide you into your inner world. Reconnect with your inner essence and feel more peaceful and relaxed after a busy day looking after everyone else.

Monthly every third Tuesday 8.00pm – 9.15pm AEST

Our next session is:

Tuesday May 17th 8.00 – 9.15pm AEST

$25 per person

Meet2Breathe with Anne session

Weekly Meet2Breathe Online with 4 Breathworkers

Join our weekly 11am AEST for 1 hour 15 minutes to refresh, connect and rejuvenate. Join Anne and her colleagues to have some “heal and feel time” that will give you time to connect deeply within and help you to move your state of being.

Registration link:

Anne also hosts some special events with International Breathwork Foundation. World Breathing Day April 11th, 2022


Self care, nurture you and breathe.

Monthly In person group Breathwork

Take some time to connect and deep dive into your inner world.

Come and join Anne and other parents to explore in a group setting

  • Supportive space to breathe and be nurtured
  • Meet other parents in person to share your journey
  • Learn how to slow down and be present with your emotions
  • Experience a relaxed calm space within

Join us on Saturday May 28th 1.00 – 4.30pm 2022 in Melbourne to be part of a supportive group of people who want to explore deeper.

Limit of 6 people

Single session

If you would like to find out more information contact Anne here:

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