IBF Conscious Breathing in the Classroom

Anne has trained with the International Breathwork Foundation to deliver “Conscious Breathing in the Classroom”. Anne trains school teachers, parents and other mentors with strategies and techniques to use the breath in daily routines for students from kindergarten to tertiary.

A program created by The Breathing Classroom Team International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) outlined as:

A simple program for teaching conscious breathing to school children, teens and adult students by their teachers, parents and other mentors

● Cultivating a daily breathing practice for well being in these challenging times
● Bringing daily inner calm and focused energy to the classroom.

This program is written for school teachers, coaches, adult educators and instructors who work with kids from kindergarten through high school as well as university (K – Grade12 /Ages 3-18; Adult Students). If you are a parent or an adult who is a key support in any child’s life you can adapt the breathing exercises for situations in your day to day life…. be it at home, on the playing field or at school.