Individual Breathwork and Core Clearing Sessions with Anne

What’s involved?

Anne teaches you to connect with your breathing, through conscious connected breathing techniques and she holds the space for you to let your breath do the rest. Anne is gentle and affirming and allows you to experience your breath and be present to yourself.

Living life we often adapt to futile breathing, not allowing our breath to expand and eliminate the toxins and emotions that are held within us. The breath is a powerful tool and self-healing mechanism that needs to be respected and practiced.

Our breath is under-utilised and disrespected as a self-healing mechanism in our lives. We have forgotten how to breathe well and more fully. Once we open up our capacity to breathe we can activate a higher frequency of health and wellbeing, feeling and experiencing life more fully.

Anne is trained to teach and support you to connect with your breath and understand how to use it to connect more deeply within yourself. Be ready to shift and move your sense of self as you explore and integrate deeper parts of yourself.

How deep do you want to go?

If you want to identify an emotional block and shift and remove it to allow you to flow move freely, book in for a core clearing breathwork session.

If you want to move into the flow state, in an altered state of consciousness where your inner healing capacity is strengthen and flowing, book in for a 90 minute session.

60 minute session with Anne face-to-face in Melbourne or Online on Zoom for Core Clearing

90 – 120 minute session with Anne face-to-face in Melbourne or Online sessions for a deeper Breathwork session.


$200 for 60 minute session

$350 for 90 – 120 minute initial session (multiple session packages available)

Interested to find out more?

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Anne is available Monday – Thursday during school hours

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