Empowered parents – Reclaim your mojo!

Small group coaching online program (up to 5 parents)

10 session lunchtime group coaching program

75 minutes each Thursday lunchtime 1.00-2.15pm

February-April 2024 (Feb 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Mar 7, 14, 21, 28 & Apr 4)

Complete Tuning into Kids and/or Teens with Anne?

Are you ready to take the next step to dive into your own self development?

Do you feel as if things have got so busy that you have forgotten who you are?

Parenting is a relentless job and can eat away at you slowly. 

Are you always busy and tired and wish you felt more alive and vibrant?

Have you got a niggling issues that you are fed up with triggering you?

Wondering what the next step is?

Level 3 – Empowered parents – Reclaim your mojo!

Want to give some energy to feeling awesome for the Easter holidays, put some time into reclaiming your mojo!!! Take the time to invest in you and give yourself the best Easter present ever.

Have you noticed yourself being frustrated at your kids when they push your buttons?

Do you feel that your children are disengaging from you?

Have you felt a little isolated and disconnected at times from yourself and the world?

Find yourself driving your car and not remembering how you got to the destination?

Would you like to have more family fun?

This is to program for you. Capture the perfect time in the year to let go of an old habits and harness the autumn to developing new habits and reclaim your mojo! Remember what it was like to have lots of energy, feel enthusiastic about life and share lots of fun times with your kids? Now is the time to awaken and take responsibility for where you are and shift the blocks that stop you from flowing with life.

We will focus on your making significant changes by clearing the emotional blockages in the significant areas of your life.

Anne normally runs this program individually so this is the first time opening it up to multiple parents to journey together through the program for term 1. Anne will provide quality support by having only a maximum of 5 parents who are ready to journey together and rediscover their spark and energise their life.

Weekly focus and clearing emotional blocks will allow a deep dive into your life and with consistent presence to yourself, establish sustained change and habits.


Come and join a LIVE ONLINE small group of individuals (5 SPOTS ONLY) on Thursday lunchtimes 1pm-2.15pm in February-April 2024 (10 sessions Feb 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Mar 7, 14, 21, 28 & Apr 4) for coaching with a focus on connecting with your experience at this time.

You will learn to be more present with yourself and in turn be able to be more present with your partner and kids. This is the opportunity for you! Life is so busy that we can often feel a little frazzled, frustrated and snappy at those we love most. We can forget to take the time to be still, connect within ourselves and get some focus on what is important to us. Join us and explore a fun, interactive 10 sessions with 4 other enthusiastic parents, learning how to dive deeper within ourselves and connect with our purpose. Our emotions are a big part of our life and deserve some time and attention! We will explore our emotional world using emotional intelligence techniques to understand more deeply our motivations and what drives our daily actions and decisions.

 Throughout the 10 weeks we will be exploring and learning:

1   Learn how to keep calm when under pressure

2  Learn to listen to your intuition when making decisions

3  Move from being more reactive to responsive

4   Define and implement your vision as a parent and relearn what makes you feel good

5   Have more energy to do the things you love

6 Understanding your default behaviours and patterns

7 Empowered with strategies and skills to create more of what you want

8 Learn and implement Anne’s 5 self care tips

9 Be motivated by a group environment to grow and expand

10 Be an awesome example to your kids and raise confident resilient kids!

What you need:

  • Curious mind, 
  • Fun attitude
  • A willingness to spend some time during the week on your commitments

Each week we will focus on the big issues of your life and shift through the blocks that keep you stuck.

You will get LIVE coaching each week with Anne and tools to practice and implement over February-April.

Join us Starting February 1st 1pm ADT

10 session evening group coaching program

75 minutes each Thursday lunchtime 1pm-2.15pm

February – April (Feb 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Mar 7, 14, 21, 28, Apr 4)

Topics covered

  • Life management
  • Foundations of emotional intelligence
  • Emotional regulation
  • Relationships with your partner
  • Relationships with your children
  • Self care
  • Fun
  • Lifestyle
  • Empowering you

Program Valued at $2000

Bonuses included: 

1. Midweek meditation pass 3 months (valued $100)

2. Meet 2 Breathe 4 sessions (valued $100)

Bonus value $200

Total value $2200

YOU PAY Small group price $1497

                                                                                                                      Discount: $703

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