Relationships Coaching

Have you noticed that either you or your partner seems over-critical of the other, focusing on the other’s flaws or faults or perceiving faults where there really aren’t any?

Do you rarely make eye contact or laugh together?

Is dinner simply for eating and dancing for someone else to do?

Do you end up in separate rooms each evening, or does one of you end up falling asleep on the couch?

Do you seem to avoid deep and meaningful conversations?

Do you feel clingy or claustrophobic in your relationship?

Does it feel like you’re involved in a power struggle?

If you’re having trouble in your relationship, you’re not alone. The battle for marriage is on: half of American marriages, 40 percent of Australian unions and a third of Canadian and New Zealand nuptials ends in divorce.

Sometimes relationships just feel flat or dull, I provide strategies to bring back the ‘spark’ that you once shared.

Most people in a marriage or long-term relationship make one common mistake: they don’t understand that being in love is not like falling ‘in love’. They think that when the initial intensity fades that they aren’t ‘in love’ anymore.

Most relationships are challenged from time to time. That’s why an objective outsider, a relationships coach, can help to get things back on track. By working with me, you can learn how to:

  • Resolve conflict
  • Uncover hidden emotional issues
  • Spot the danger signs in relationship
  • Communicate effectively
  • Develop shared emotional intelligence

With my help, you’ll discover the secrets of how the best relationships work and learn to apply those secrets to your own relationship.

Relationships coaching helps you find all the barriers
within yourself that you have built against finding love!

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