Breathe with Anne

You can breathe with Anne in group settings according to how much time you have available. 10 minutes, 75 minutes, 3 hours.

Entry level – 10 minutes

Join LIVE ONLINE Midweek Breathing Meditation for 10 minutes of breathing and connecting to bring focus and clarity to your day.

Weekly Wednesdays 12pm AEST

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Mid-range – 75 minutes

Join for 75 minutes from the comfort of your own home LIVE ONLINE every third Tuesday of the month for some movement, breathing, integration and meditation to connect with your inner being and shift your energy.

Monthly every third Tuesday 8pm – 9.15pm AEST

Deep level – 3 hours

Join Anne in person in Melbourne with a group of people wanting to hold the space for each other to journey deeper within. We connect, dance, move and breathe together.

Monthly every third Saturday 2pm – 5pm

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