Emotional Intelligence Parenting

Have you got to the end of the day and wished you could have handled your kids better?

Do you ever find yourself impatient when you don’t want to be and then feel guilty about it later?

Do you want to empower your kids to learn emotional intelligence skills?

If you answered yes to any of the above you have found the place to get the answers you need.

Learn how YOU can teach YOUR child the skills they need to master their OWN emotions


Emotional intelligence is the ability to make your emotions work for you by using them in ways that produce the results you want including getting the kids to do what you want! It is about understanding and identifying your own emotions, discovering how they work and using them to your advantage, allowing you to have more awareness and control over what you do. You develop more resilience to cope with change and it lowers your stress.

“Our emotions need to be as educated as our intellect!” ~ Jim Rohn

Investing in your own personal development enables you to clarify your own values, master your own emotional intelligence, reinvigorate your innate power and then set a deliberate example for your children to follow.

Anne understands that as a parent, you aspire not only to have a strong rapport with your children but to be a great role model for them. Anne helps parents to foster better communication with each other and their children so they can address the core issues as they arise. Whether you are a full time parent, re-entering the workforce or re-evaluating your career priorities, Anne’s coaching style will empower you.

Anne is a qualified coach with Beyond Success and has assisted children and adults individually or in groups with issues such as procrastination, self esteem, emotions, relationships, career discernment and assertiveness. Her business skills can help clients understand themselves and how they fit into their business and work life. She holds a degree in Commerce from Melbourne University majoring in Accounting and Information systems.

Anne Hubbard

Emotional Intelligence Parenting Coach,

Think it. Feel it. Live it!

Group programs

Tuning in to Kids ™  Parenting Program
6-week program for 2 hours each week for parents of 3-12 year olds

Tuning in to Teens ™  Parenting Program
6-week program for 2 hours each week for parents of 10-18 year olds

8 week lunchtime program

Dads Tuning in to KidsTM Parenting Program
7-week program for 2 hours each week for parents of 3-10 year olds

Women’s Circle

Monthly women’s group to support, nurture and encourage each other.

EQ training for teachers, carers and leaders

Programs to enhance emotional intelligence skills working with kids and teens aged 3-18, including:

Conscious Breathing in the Classroom Program

Breathing exercises to work with students from kinder-university. Provided directly to schools, kinders, parents.

“Anne always amazes me with her vast array of ‘tools in her tool box’ and she can always offer just the right one to move me through the next road block I encounter.”

~ Shelly W

Individual Coaching

60-minute one-on-one coaching for adults and kids

60 minute couples parenting coaching including private Tuning into Kids/Teens programs

60 minute core clearing breathing empowerment session

90 minute Breathwork sessions for adults

12 months Premium coaching program
Personalised one-on-one program with me to help you be the best parent you can be, to ensure the best success for your continued self-development and implementation of strategies.

“Anne Hubbard is a gifted coach. She takes us gently on a journey through our inner world delivering us all safely to the other side, feeling stronger, more resolved and much more secure. Working with Anne has changed our family forever.”

~ Sarah L

“I love the immediate results I have been getting with my kids, and I feel so much more empowered as a parent. I feel I now have the tools to help coach and help my children not only grow into well balanced kids but to thrive as adults. Anne is a great teacher and I would highly recommend her.” ~ Karen L